I like this show a little too much.
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Michelle Richardson vs. Blinds.

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30 Day Challenge - 6th Day - Your Fav Character Overall


Effy. Why her? Well, I’ll explain:

Unfortunately, I’m too much like her. With two differences: she’s stronger than me and she is pretty.

My parents discuss a lot. Like since ever… Since I can remember. IT make me weak because all i wanted was a close family. & now my family is broken. I have that kind of strange conection with fire. I’m always burning things and that makes me happy. I feel so alone sometimes. Most of my life. I always felt like that. Alone. Empty. Think about others. i don’t talk much as she in G1. I have a few friends but my paranoia tells me that they don’t love me, and so I end up losing them. Staying alone. always alone. with my paranoia and my panic and my sadness and all my mental disorders. My mom always tries to help me, but I don’t like to expose my feelings. i ending up with them inside me what makes me  feel very badly. Since I was a little girl I see and hear things. that’s why I’m so weird. & it makes me really scared. I’ve had a depression. At two/three years ago. I think I already got over it. Maybe or maybe not. Honestly I’m not sure if I’m okay and happy. All I feel is a huge void. I have many thoughts together which makes me feel confused. I never know if I’m happy, sad, angry… I’m always empty. Effy, you know… She wants to be strong for everyone, but she is so fragile and sensitive. She falls a little everyday. she is broken inside. she just want to act like evrything is fine when everything is just fucked up. And so am I, too. I also fuck everything. Always. I have that strange energy that makes things become a shit when I come or stuff. I feel like shit. I feel useless. I feel empty. I feel like I’m nothing. & Eff always help me to feel better. So, i love her.

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more skins here

Skins blog under-a-duvet-cover.tumblr.com

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skins + blue

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- Welcome to my world.

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quick reminder that your life is not an episode of skins you should never say anything along the lines of “I wish I was effy stonem” because guess what while she might have been beautiful she was depressed, went insane, tried to kill herself and eventually wound up in jail so I would just advise to not treat her as an inspiration when her life went up in flames and turned to shit goodbye

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